iGen Yellow Matte Dry Ink - 6R1544 product photo

iGen Yellow Matte Dry Ink - 6R1544

Part # 006R01544
iGen 5, iGen 150 / iGen4 Diamond Edition / iGen4 EXP Yellow Matte Dry Ink
  • 1-9 $ 729.00
  • 10+ $ 727.00

Product Description

  • Matte dry ink is intended for those iGen 5, iGen 150, iGen4 EXP and iGen4 Diamond Edition users who prefer a softer, smoother image appearance, and who prefer the lightfastness and color gamut properties of the matte dry ink to those of the standard dry ink.
  • Machines must be configured to accept matte dry ink and this is intended to be a one-time configuration choice.
  • Specifications

    Capacity 115,000 prints
    Quantity/Unit 1 cartridge per carton
    Weight 14. lbs.